BY PLANT BAE was birthed from PLANT BAY ISLAND - a street food stall I launched Spring, 2019. We served one thing - Jerk Jackfruit Roti all year round. It was so much fun, and such a hard graft, but it was always worth it to see the amazing reaction to the food.

Plant Bay Island is where I was nicknamed Plant Bae by the other traders and it just stuck.

COVID19 and lockdowns gave us the time to structure everything under BY PLANT BAE and to focus on bringing to life SCOTCH BONNET CHILLI JAM.

SCOTCH BONNET CHILLI JAM was created to serve in the roti wraps and give them that extra juj. However people kept telling us, asking us and pleading with us to make the jam into a product that they could buy, so we did. 

PREPPED goes beyond the event or experience and keeps everyone fed on a functional level.

Our products are made in East London.

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